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Intention and Synchronicity

“Drive safely,” my son Bill said as I left his Naval retirement ceremony in Saint Marys, Georgia. Bill was the third family member who had told me to drive safely.

“I am a safe driver,” I replied with a bit of irritation. Then, noticing my own abruptness and the integrity of Bill’s intention, I added, “But I appreciate your thought. There are a lot of drunk drivers and texting teenagers on the road. Please hold the thought that the people who aren’t safe drivers stay out of my path.”

About 20 minutes outside Saint Marys, an unexpected thought popped into my head. Had I remembered to pack the power cord for my computer, or had I left it plugged in at the hotel?

At first, I was tempted not to stop. Of course, I’d remembered to pack the cord.

Or had I? Better to check than arrive home after a five-hour drive, only to discover I didn’t have it.

I pulled over to the side of the road, popped the trunk, got out and unzipped my computer case. Sure enough, the cord was right where it was supposed to be. Two minutes later, I was back on the road.

For three hours, the drive was uneventful. Then, on I-75 just below Ocala, all traffic in all three lanes abruptly stopped.

A motorist who had gotten out of his car reported that helicopters were dropping down onto the roadway ahead of us. Another said that there had been a three-car collision and lifelines were pulling people from demolished vehicles. One woman said that according to OnStar, someone had died.

Two hours later, traffic began moving again. About two miles down the road I passed what was left of the wreck: one totally trashed vehicle, a pickup truck, a camper, and belongings strewn all over the side of the road.

Two minutes. Two miles. Except for my stop to check for that computer cord, I could well have been in that accident with one of those less-than-careful drivers.

Did my parting conversation with Bill set an intention for a safe drive home? Where did the thought come from about my computer cord and why did I unexpectedly stop for two minutes? Are our thoughts and intentions simply instantaneous energy exchanges that manifest desired results in unexpected ways?

I don’t ever expect to know the answers to those questions, but this strange series of apparently unrelated events certainly produced a strange synchronicity that may have saved my life.


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