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Patterns in Our Words

We all assume our words tell us something about the real world. They don’t. They tell us about the way each of us sees the real world. In other words, our words speak volumes about each of us!

Am I trying to make you self-conscious about what you say? Perhaps not self-conscious, but at least conscious.

Assume someone calls you a rotten pig. Does that mean you really are a rotten pig? Those words say absolutely nothing about you. They say boatloads about the way the speaker views the world.

Do you want to spend your time with a person who sees you as a rotten pig? I sure don’t. I distance myself from people like that as fast as I can. I deserve better than that, and so do you.

How would you like people to see you? As being courageous? Then use courageous words. As kind and compassionate? Then use kind and compassionate words.