Spiritual leaders throughout the centuries have taught the most important lessons humankind can ever learn:

  • How to create an empowered peaceful planet
  • How to create a heaven on earth

Most have used words to convey their lessons.

  • Jesus taught in parables.
  • Socrates used questions.
  • Zen Buddhists used koans and haiku.
  • The Buddha used statements such as, “I am aware.”
  • Confucius used rules.
  • The Catholic Church uses rituals.
  • The Vedic tradition uses mantras.
  • Kahlil Gibran used poetry.
  • Hermann Hesse used novels.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche used thesis and antithesis.

But all these words are only fingers pointing at the moon. They are not the moon.

Of course, there are vehicles other than words for conveying the same message: art, physical confrontation, silence. But for one who chooses the vehicle of words, how does one use words to show that words are part of the human dilemma?

Only through word sculptures, context specific art forms created from the shifting sands of time, emotion and experience. Spiritual leaders who chose words as their vehicles used word sculptures. They were masters of the arts of personal mastery, personal relationships, and communication.